Schwartz Tavern

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Schwartz Tavern

Built some time prior to the American Revolution, Schwartz Tavern boasts the title of Blackstone's oldest structure. It was then  bought by a Mr. John Andrew Schwartz, in 1790, who  opened it as a tavern in 1798 and remained operational under four different owners until 1841. Standing within eyesight of its rival tavern operated by Francis White, the two competitors gave the area its first name: Blacks and Whites.  (Schwartz literally translates to Black in German).  After the structure ceased to be a business it was a private residence for seven families, the last of which was the Gilliam Willson Anderson family.  After Gilliam’s death, the Anderson heirs deeded the property to the town of Blackstone with the intention that it be restored and opened to the public. Come share our pride and become a part of Blackstone’s historic tradition.  Call to book a tour today! Guided tours are free of charge and cater to your specific needs. An interactive children’s tour is available and groups are welcome.    

Watch a video of the tavern:

Tavern Tours

Opened to the public in 1988, Schwartz Tavern is for the first time toured daily. With minor renovations and an all new staff, the tour has a fresh face as well as a historical backdrop. Come see what all of Blackstone is talking about: take the Schwartz Tavern Tour today!


Robert Thomas III- Director

Marie Thomas-Curator and Tour Guide

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